Home Made Dog Treats 

I hate going to the store and seeing everything "Made in China" for pet supplies.  With all of the recalls and health hazards out there and with my pets being my fur-babies, I wanted something better.  So I started doing my research and started making my own dog treats.  I "tested" my treats with all of my friends dogs and even the picky eaters LOVED them!  I am now ready to help other pet parents that do not have time to bake for their fur-babies.  *At this time I do not have any grain free options. I am still researching recipes for them.*

Pricing: $6/lb unless otherwise noted


Basic Dog Bone (similar to MilkBone brand) 

Pumpkin only 

Peanut Butter only 



Peanut Butter Pumpkin Yummies $7 / lb